Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blackberry Mandarin Cocktail

After months of blog neglect and many nights of "research", I've got a brand spanking new cocktail recipe. And quite frankly, all of the nights spent drinking were for nothing, because I simply stumbled upon this mix. And I'm naming it my new household drink. Light, low calorie, and slightly sweet, this cocktail isn't too strong but makesa good night cap.

Mom and I sipped these tonight after I spent a long day serving alcohol at the bar. And I drank mine too fast to remember to snap a picture. Sorry, I'm a little out of blogging practice. Here goes:

Blackberry brandy
ABSOLUT Mandarin
  1. Fill a tall glass with cubed ice. Pour 1/2 can cold Fresca over the ice.
  2. Add two splashes of blackberry brandy. (This alone is good, but sweet.)
  3. Pour in roughly one shot of ABSOLUT Mandarin. This will help cut the sweetness and returns the drink to a Fresca-ish taste.
The mix should come out a fizzy, light pink color. Adjust the amount of blackberry brandy to control the sweetness. Obviously, the more vodka you add the stronger it will taste. Although, I drink ABSOLUT Mandarin over ice; it's just sweet enough to go down easy without additives. Anyway, you'll figure it out. Enjoy!

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